Trinity’s Story

My daughter Trinity Lillian Graves, 18, took her life leaving these words:

I please ask you understand the pain and anguish I live with every day is unbearable. My physical pain is beyond unbearable and I’m tired so so so so tired of living in a body that isn’t my body.

Trinity had adenomyosis and laparoscopically confirmed endometriosis. She suffered debilitating pain for nearly 4 years. Endometriosis is a chronic disease where cells, like the lining of the uterus, grow outside the uterus, causing pain and potentially serious symptoms interfering with quality of life. It is enigmatic and difficult to diagnose because while it is typically found in the pelvis or abdomen, it can grow anywhere in the body. One in ten women are affected globally! The exact cause isn’t known, there is neither a cure nor satisfactory therapy for all patients.

It’s tough to treat pain that is unseen. One of the greatest hardships among endo sufferers is having their pain be believed by others. Instead, pain is frequently dismissed with invalidation and the likelihood they’re rather suffering mental illness. Few things sap the human spirit like lack of hope! I believe the delay in diagnosis and dismissal of prolonged pain begets psychological distress. The BBC surveyed 13,500 women in the largest endo study of its kind. Roughly half the participants attested the condition led to suicidal thoughts.

Trinity’s story is not simple. She was a whole person with a whole story to tell. My first born, she was more than a daughter to me, she was my #2. It’s exceptionally difficult revisiting the intimate journey. I miss her incredibly!! I can’t go hours without thinking of her. My heart is tethered to her in heaven. How I handle the worst circumstances of my life is witness to the world. Telling her story is both a catalyst and commitment to ensure her precious young life holds farreaching purpose and impact for others.

In January 2018, Trinity’s pain became daily. In August 2018, Trinity attempted suicide by overdose. It was a cry for help. It also made our efforts that much more difficult. She became viewed entirely as a mental health case without regard for the original complaint: pain. No one had any idea what we were dealing with.

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My interest in nutrition began when I learned sugar caused wrinkles! No kidding! I have fair skin, I’m sensitive to the sun and believed I was likely prone to accelerated aging. I immediately cut out sugar and all foods that break down like sugar within the body, flour, starches, and grains too. I learned about the glycemic index and adhered to consuming only low-glycemic foods. This was a long-term strategy, and I was proud of myself for having the discipline to stay the course! I didn’t expect to also drop 30lbs and feel amazing! This opened my eyes to learning about the relationship we should have with food and our bodies. One in three Americans has prediabetes and 34 million Americans have diabetes. The biggest hormonal disorder we face is insulin resistance. Truly, with every choice of food or drink consumed, we are either feeding disease or fighting it! The quality of our food matters.

Health is a matter of choice, and it is available to everyone! Your health is an investment, not an expense. Learn to read labels. If you don’t recognize an ingredient, your body won’t either!

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We are honored to have the Endometriosis Foundation of America dedicate a fund in Trinity’s memory. As a single mom, Sarah’s greatest difficulty in caring for Trinity’s medical needs was funding her on-going alternative pain management. Trinity’s fund will be used to assist patients in need with monies put toward alternative pain management options (acupuncture, Chinese herbs, physical therapy, cannabis, TENS units, heating pads, etc),  as well as to build sufficient resources to fund excision surgeries, too.